Sony TV’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi is ready for another set of interesting twists and turns. We have seen Dev and Sonakshi meet each other and recollect their past relationship and those seven years which they lived without each other. They even apologize to each other but now they decide to move on happily in their future.

Dev has seen the mail Sonakshi had written for him. Dev gets gets emotional seeing all the mails where he could not be there with her when she was pregnant. Dev reads all the mails where Sonakshi’s mixed emotions are reflected. Sonakshi’s anger at the same time happy that she was pregnant.

Dev will decide to go to Kolkata to the same hospital where Suhana was born. He goes there and feels those sad emotions which Sonakshi could have experienced at that point of time.

He realizes that it was so important for a husband to stay by her wife when she was delivering their child. On the other hand, Suhana also asks Sonakshi whether Dev visited her when she was a baby. Dev and Sonakshi’s feelings are going to give the viewers an emotional rollercoaster ride in the upcoming episodes. Are you excited for the new track?