Sony Entertainment Television’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi is one of the most popular shows on Indian Television with the most loved couple Dev and Sonakshi.¬†We are seeing Dev’s new color of love, an emotion of over possessiveness. Viewers might be loving this intense feelings of Dev towards Sonakshi after all he has lived his life alone as a wanderer during the past seven years. Now Dev Dixit is in no mood of compromise with anyone in relation to Sonakshi.

Dev came to know everything what Vicky did seven years back to Sonakshi and his relationship. He even tried to destroy his company and overtake his business. Dev has thrashed Vicky out of the house and made Sona realize that now no one can come in between them else he will destroy him/her.

Golu and Soha go to school as a routine but Soha meets with a small accident. Dev gets a call and he panics. He calls up Sonakshi but she is stuck in traffic. It becomes late for her to reach and Dev takes Soha home. When she comes back, Dev shouts at her saying that at the time when Soha needed her she was not there.

Sonakshi tells him the reason but Dev doesn’t want to accept it. So Dev decides that Sona will work from home with the whole set up at his own house. She will give each and every minute details of her routine. Sonakshi is stunned to see this new Dev. Are you excited?