Sony TV’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi is one of the most popular and loved shows owing to its storyline and moreover its presentation with fantabulous performances by all the actors of the show. Dev has already agreed for remarriage as a part of his plan to make Sona realise their love.

Later Dev continues with his plan and his relationship breaks with Payal post entry of her supposed lover. Later yet another girl entered the show, her name is Nisha and the character is played by Asma Badar. Dev does everything intentionally to make Sonakshi realise her love for him. Nisha comes to meet Dev with her whole family, they both agrees for marriage.

Dev will put a gajra on Nisha’s hair to make Sonakshi jealous.  Sonakshi gets frustrated and irritated with it.  She tries to avoid all the situations and goes to the office to do work. She purposely works more to avoid Dev and Nisha.

Dev keeps on calling her but her phone is switched off. Dev comes to meet her and sees her sleeping. He says all those emotions which he wanted to tell her. Then when she wakes up and Dev tells her that she has to chose his shervani. Sona gets irritated and jealous but Dev tells her that Sona has to stay with him till his marriage. Do you think Dev’s attempts will make Sonakshi realise her feelings for him?