Sony Entertainment Television’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi will be seen witnessing high voltage drama amid the ex-couple Dev and Sonakshi. Dev is frustrated since ever Sonakshi has entered his office.

Dev is miffed because Sonakshi has attached nameplate on Bijoy’s name instead of Dev’s. Sonakshi’s office construction work will finish and she will be indeed happy. As Bijoy and Asha would want, Sonakshi will do durga pooja (because she is Bengali?) in her new office.┬áDev will watch Sonakshi doing the pooja, Sonakshi will offer a plate of prasad to Dev but he will refuse to eat.

Furthermore, Dev will offer a hefty amount to Sonakshi and he will ask her to leave the office. But as you may expect, Sonakshi will reject Dev’s proposal. Whereas, Vicky is planning to use Eleena against Sonakshi. Will Dev’s plan force Sonakshi to leave his office? Shout out with your thoughts in the comments below.