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The makers of Beyhadh are trying to make new twists in order to make the show more catchy. Recently, we have seen that Saanjh is very happy to know that she will get to marry Samay. But she don’t know what they are up to. Samay seeing Maya at his engagement with Saanjh couldn’t control himself and goes to Maya to confess his feelings. Maya gets shocked. Samay says that he is only getting engaged with Saanjh in order to make her happy.

Maya makes Samay close to her to make him do as she says while the interaction goes on Arjun gets into the room but Maya mange it somehow. And by the sources we know that Beyhadh is going to take big turn when Arjun sees Maya and Samay together, while Saanjh tries to show Maya’s true face to Arjun, will Arjun ever get to know about the past affair of Maya and Samay?

Now Arjun is believing Maya as he knew she had suffered from that rape incidence, but unaware of her cruel plans, the show makes suspense as we don’t know who will Arjun trust, Saanjh or Maya? Will he stand together against Samay and Maya?