The makers of Sony Entertainment Television’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi has planned some more interetsing twists and turns tbefore uniting Dev and Sonakshi. IShwari has changed completely and it has been indeed shocking.

We have seen Sona making Soha and Golu sleep but Soha keeps a point that she wants to stay with all of them. Elena sees both of them conversing. When Soha sleeps Elena shares her fear with Sona about Golu’s upbringing as she and Vicky fight alot. Sona tells her to hug him tightly. Ishwari comes and sees both the kids sleeping so she asks Sonakshi for a cup of coffee.

Later, Ishwari thanks Sona for the danger she took for her not even thinking about her own self. Ishwari keeps on praising her valor and sensible nature. After dinner Ishwari and Sona share some moments over a cup of coffee.

In the coming episodes, “Sona goes back and tells Asha about Ishwari’s proposal of Dev’s remarriage. Asha asks Sona whether she still loves Dev or is she following her father’s promise and so she is trying to find out a girl for Dev. Sona doesn’t have any answer to it. She meets Dev and tells him about Ishwari’s proposal and the promise she made to her. Dev is shocked and tells her that Ishwari told him to get married to Sonakshi.”