Sony Entertainment Television’s Beyhadh has been entertaining the viewers with it’s interesting post leap story. Maya has separated Arjun from his family and they are staying separete from Sharma family for over 3 years. However, Arjun met Saanjh and they are slowly coming close in the show. Maya also met her ex-lover Samay, who’s love for Maya for beyhadh.

In the coming episodes of Sony TV’s Beyhadh, Arjun and Aayan will confront each other. The confrontation will soon turn into an heated argument, and later Arjun and Aayan will patch-up. Furthermore, Arjun will meet Vandana and the emotional confrontation will take place.

Arjun will apparently get reunited with the Shrama family and he will be seen having fun with his mother, brother and best friend, Saanjh. On other hand, Maya will try to kill Samay in the upcoming episodes of Sony TV’s Beyhadh. (Also Read: Saanjh to help the reunion of Arjun and his mom Vandana in Sony TV’s Beyhadh).