Sony Entertainment Television’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi is gearing up for some dhamakedar twists and turns in the upcoming episodes. Dev and Sonakshi were seen confronting each other.

As per the track,┬áDev tod Sonakshi about Ishwari’s proposal conditions of marrying either Sonakshi or some other girl. Sonakshi says her father will be the most happiest person if Dev gets married. Dev asks Sona about her outlook on this issue. Sona tells Dev to get married to some other girl as they both can’t live together, they can only be friends. Dev gets disheartened and Sona leaves him and sits in the car.

Now the drama will be seen unfolding when Dev will confront Ishwari. It will be seen that Dev will curse Ishwari that she did a big theft and he always worshipped her like God. However, it has been to be seen whether it would dream sequence of reality by you!

In other news, Dev and Sonakshi will get address of the missing family from the photo studio. Apparently, Dev and Sonakshi will able to reach the house with help of the address and it would be interesting to watch as to how Sonakshi will fix this new problem.