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The serial Dhai kilo prem was running on a romantic track till now as we know the rain dance sequence of last week between Deepika and Piyush. And its now to become more interesting as serial is up to show some risky challenge which Piyush is about to take for the sake of his mother, a twist will come when Piyush will not be able to come at the time of challenge and then Deepika will take over it, they say it will be very thrilling to watch what will happen next.

As per the sources they say that Piyush will appear at the right moment. Or as per the audience is it a good way to show case a women’s power by taking
up the challenge by Deepika herself.

Will Deepika be able to stand up with the 35 ft kerosene and let her put up with fire.
Or else any tragic incident may gonna take place resulting everyone in shock. Stay tuned for more updates.