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Dil Bole Oberoi Upcoming Twist and Dil Bole Oberoi Latest News:

Omkara’s character is ruthless, rude and strict, whereas Omkara’s love interest, Gauri has a playful, free-spirited and happy character. They are very much opposites of each other. The first few episodes shows Om-Gauri as enemies like Shivaay an Annika’s love story but this hatred will soon blossom into love. Kali Pratap Thakur tries to marry Gauri forcefully and when Jhanvi, his wife, learns about that, she sets herself on fire. Om sees this and rushes to save her and takes her to the hospital. There he hears some women saying that Jhanvi tried to commit suicide because Kali Thakur was going to divorce her to marry another girl who is much younger than him. Angry, Omkara gets to know that it is none other than Gauri and he calls her characterless and a cheap girl while Gauri tries to tell him that she is being forcefully brought there and has been chained as well. But Omkara refuses to listen to her. Finally, she drops her daga and tries to tell Om but he doesn’t see the marriage chain. After Om leaves, she finally escapes from there and asks for help from Nahar, Gauri’s friend. She tried to break the chain which was put on her feet with an axe. Kali comes there and tries to catch her but Nahar puts the Dandiya/stick in front of him and he falls down. He tries to hurt Nahar but Gauri hits him with the axes. A policeman comes and tells Kali Thakur that he has to come to the police station because his wife Jhanvi died and held him responsible; he lies to him saying that Gauri was forcing him to marry her and then she escaped from there. He says that he won’t leave her alone. Gauri comes to the station and tries to leave but Thakur ji’s guards come and she hides behind some sacks and when the train is about to leave she runs and boards the train. Omkara also boards the train. (Source: Wikipedia).

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