Woh Apna Sa

The most awaited and anticipated Zee TV show, Woh Apna Sa will go on air today. The fans of Disha Parmar are going crazy, the show promo has won million of hearts already. Woh Apna Sa will feature a similar story like any other show but with a grain of a unique stuff.

At first, if you thought about a second woman in a man’s life, you will call her a bad woman or even a gold digger. This is when we call Woh Apna Sa a different show, when it comes to a second woman in a man’s life. Disha Parmar will be seen portraying the role of a second woman. When asked about Disha’s role, she commented “What we are trying to project over here is that not every woman is a bad. She is trying to get the family together where as the wife is trying to break the family. This is a very different thing than what a normal projection of second woman is. I think no one would have seen on television before. I am excited to play the other woman who is a good human being.”

Disha will portray the role of Jhanvi and she would be the other woman between the couple. However, Jhanvi is not a bad woman who is going to ruin a family’s life, instead Jhanvi is a sweet and a positive girl who will unite the family which the 1st woman is trying to break.