Star Plus’ Nach Baliye Season 8 winners Divyanka and Vivek just confirmed to the media that they will be not working together again. Apparently, they don’t have any hope of getting a project where both will work together. “I loved the whole process. It was very streamlined and each performance would give us a different high. Those few moments before the judges would announce our score, we would be standing there, holding each other and that was beautiful. Those minutes were really powerful,” says Vivek.

“I have really cherished Vivek’s company throughout this journey because I don’t know when will we work together again. This was a beautiful experience and I will always cherish it,” she says.

“I have got a better sense of dancing. I understand the different forms of dancing, I can understand body postures well. I don’t quality to be called a pro-dancer but you feel really good when you get full marks and you tell yourself, ‘yes you have nailed it’.

Vivek Dahiya continued with his beautiful lines, I am a lot more confident now, but there is still a long way to go before we start calling ourselves professional,” Are you happy as Divyanka and Vivek have won the Baliye?