When it comes to shows like Yeh Hai Mohabbetain, fans seems to be too much in love with Ishi maa(Divyanka Tripathi). Her character has been liked by all age groups. This show had created a new wave with its story when it was first aired.

But of late things are not hunky dory for this serial and its makers. Serial is struggling to garner same love and attention from same loyalists of Yeh Hai Mohabbetein who have taken to social media to End YHM.

Fans are very disappointed to see how Ishita(Divyanka Tripathi) is being treated by her respective family members let it be the Iyers or the Bhallas in the show.The very fact that Raman (Karan Patel) calls Ishita baanjh (infertile) has totally taken away the essence of this show with the loyalists who connected with Raman and Ishita and their chemistry now want Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) to quit the show.

With such backlash Divyanaka Tripathi has taken to the Twitter and this is what she posted to her fans.

She wrote, “World is full of bullies. We women can’t get affected because of them. We show our worth through our actions that speak louder than words. So is #Ishita who’s too high on morality to be bothered by anything smaller. Watch her/my upcoming episodes. #LongLiveYHM #YehHaiMohabbatein.”

Her tweet has got mixed reviews. Some have come to her support but many tend to differ and do not agree on this show which on one point have shown a stronger Ishita now being treated badly. And simultaneously Divyanka Tripathi coming to its support.

Any kind of tweets or judgement from makers or actors do not seem to be working positively for this show.


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