Indian Television popular name, Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya aka Ishita Bhalla of Star Plus’ Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has recently raised an important issues. Divyanka is popular however even though she expressed that it would be good if new actors get better treatment in Television industry, proving her to best and one of the first to take stand for new actors. The actress has got it in touch with media and she further clarified the matter.

Divyanka commented, “New Actors don’t get enough respect. They are ready to slog and work hard as much as needed but that’s the reason why they are exploited.” She further added, “Established actors are spoken to very peacefully but new actors go through a lot of trouble. Like even when they are in the washroom, their door is knocked and they are forced to hurry up and shoot. This is just an example but discrimination in the industry is on humanitarian grounds.” “An actor’s fame is all that he has got. A production laborer can leave his job and still get another one. But if an actor leaves his show all of a sudden, his name gets spoiled and then no other producer will offer him or her another show. Hence these new actors have to give in to the production’s demands.”

Actors have no option to choose retirement, she said,”Actors have no sort of privileges for retirement. if they don’t get shows there is no income. So most of the time they have to be dependent on their savings. But the problem here is that some actors don’t even earn enough to save something out of their payments. Now once a show is done, it is replayed for years and years in different countries and on different channels so actors should get some sort of royalties for their work even after their show is done.”