Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya are currently part of Star Plus’ Nach Baliye as participants and they have been performing really well. And when media portal got in touch with the actors, they revealed some important things. You can check out the chitchat below.

Who is the better dancer out of the two?

Vivek- Both of us are average and time will tell who is better!

Divyanka– We both are at par. Learning.

Who is the lazy one?

– Sometimes me, sometimes her – depends really!

Divyanka– Neither of us. We don’t have to coax each other into doing something.

Who is usually late for rehearsals?

Vivek– Divyanka usually because she’s the busier one currently.

Divyanka– Me… As I come directly from my shoot every night.

One couple that you are looking forward to bond with on the show?

Vivek- All of them but probably Bharti Singhand Harsh, as they have a very positive vibe and are so much fun!

Divyanka– All of them. I’m not being diplomatic but honestly they all are amazing. We love them all.

Who do you consider your toughest competitors on the show?

Vivek- Everyone as we are all competing with each other!

Divyanka– All are competitors. They all  have different stories, different flavors. They are very interesting in their own ways.

How would you bribe the three choreographers to favor you?

– With good dances and lots of love and chemistry between us!

Divyanka– Maybe you mean judges? We can only bribe them through good performances. That’s the only way out.

One couple that you wish had participated in this season?

Vivek– I would have loved to have someone like a Sachin-Supriya from the first season.  We wouldn’t stand anywhere in the competition then but yes they were really good and such a positive couple!

Divyanka– Manish Naggdev and Srishty Rode. Manish is a very old friend and they both are very good dancers and hence I would have loved to see them on a show like ‘Nach’.