Sony Entertainment’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi actress, Erica Fernandes recently lost her phone while shooting on the sets of Kuch Rang….! Guess what? The girl got panic and started searching the phone here and there.

Erica was searching the phone everywhere but she wasn’t able to find it out. Seeing Erica upset, some other crew members also started finding the phone, later even more members joined the treasure hunt and started searching for the phone!

Well, it was Erica’s brand new phone and the lady was really upset losing her new phone which she gifted herself recently. Erica guessed that her co-stars did a prank with her, but guess what? Its was not a prank!

Someone called on Erica’s phone and it started ringing and everyone was able to hear the phone, it was celebration time for the entire crew! Wondering where the phone was? It was in Erica’s own bag/purse! Phew….!


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