Sony Entertainment Television’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi will witness a lot of twists and turns. Dev threw Sonakshi out of his life and house for Ishwari’s sake and for happiness of Sonakshi.

7 Year Leap in Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi will bring major changes to the show. The most-loved show is all set to get revamped. Dev will be a rude person like he was when the show started but more worse. However, he will have a soft corner for children (as he can’t have one?). As Mama Jee said in a recent episode, the Dixit family will get ruined after Sonakshi leaves Dixit mansion AND he was right!

After the grand leap, Dev will be seen focusing on his work and Ishwari will be shattered as she lost HER Dev post Sonakshi’s exist – her insecurities will cross the limit and this will result in depression. As Sonakshi left Dev or Dev threw her out. Why Dev didn’t try to meet her? While he became stalker last time? Well, Sonakshi will apparently leave Delhi and start a new life in a new city as Bose house has been sold off for not being able to repay the loan. Sonakshi will be a working woman – Sonakshi will be lost in her work and won’t care about anyone except her family.

As Ishwari will be depressed, Dev will be busy in his own alone world, who will control Dixit house? Its Radha Rani. She will be seen managing everything and that is obvious as Ishwari can’t. Furthermore, Eleena will have a child and Neha will get start a new life – Neha will get married to someone else after divorcing Ranveer. Other sisters will be seen busy in their career.

Bose family will become support of Sonakshi. Dev’s will live with his and Sonakshi’s memories. Ishwari will be left alone and she will be under depression. Mami Jee will get what she was looking for since ever she born – Power and Money but still NO respect.

The characters will be revamped completely as well. Ishwari will become even more simple and Radha Rani will get dressed like a Rani. Dev will get a thug kinda dress. Sonakshi will get a top and skirt. Sounds, interesting? It does and the show will become interesting.