Sony Entertainment Television’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi is going to witness the re entry of Dixit sisters Riya and Nikki along with their respective family.

Riya is going to be shown as a married girl with a daughter to be played by Delissa Mehra. She is a very sweet child actress of our Indian television Industry. She is very cute and charming, her innocent face can make everyone feel rejuvenated.

Delissa started working at a very early age and her acting has been superb indeed. Delissa has great future in an entertainment industry. This little girl has flawless expressions and dialogue delivery. Delissa is continuing her studies and in spite of being a good actor she is also a good student. She is favorite of her all teachers. She is striking a balance between her studies and acting career.

As told earlier, Nikki is also reentering the show with a twist. She’s staying with her boyfriend in an apartment akin to somewhat a live in relationship. Her boyfriend’s role is been played by Ashwini Koul of Splitsvilla. We will update you soon on the upcoming track of Nikki’s boyfriend Lakshaya and Dixits. Meanwhile, let you us know your excitement in the comments below.