Sony TV’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi is witnessing one of the best times viewers have been waiting for. The whole family has reunited and Sonakshi has attained the goal of uniting them.

So now what more we have in this show? This is an exclusive report to all the viewers who have been baffled by lots of questions about Dev and Sonakshi’s new color of love. As per the recent episodes, the whole Dixit family has reunited with Nikki coming back and Ishwari accepting Lakshaya partially. In between the photo shoot, Sonakshi gets a call and has to leave for a meeting suddenly.

She is on the highway after returning from her meeting when her car stops in between. She notices some goons following her and making nasty remarks. She calls up Dev and sends him, her location on WhatsApp. She sees a bus passing by and gets onto it but the goons again try to harass her.

But our hero Dev reaches on time and saves her. Due to this incident, Dev gets more worried and possessive for Sonakshi as he doesn’t want to lose her again and make his life miserable. So wherever Sonakshi goes, Dev follows her getting over possessive about her. We hope that the viewers will enjoy Dev and Sonakshi’s new color of love i.e. over possessiveness. Are you excited for the upcoming track?