Sony Entertainment’s Ek Duje Ke Vaaste has witnessed the marriage of Suman and Shravan either the court-marriage. However, as we are well aware about Nikita Dutta (aka Suman) ill heath, the makers have planned to show scenes which will not feature Nikita aka Suman.

In the coming episode, both families will fight/argue over Shravan and Suman’s simple court-marriage. Shravan has taken all blame of court marriage but the families will fight over this issue. Hence Shravan will be seen sorting out the issues and differences amid both family. After Nikita rejoins shooting we could expect some high voltage drama in the show.


  1. Tiwaris shd not have agreed to allow Sumon leave d Tiwari Quila without observing appropriate marriage procedures. They cd firmly tell Shravan that marriage is not a joke n he cannot ignore d proper rituals. Sending Sumon at Shravan’s will is nothing but bow to his one-upmanship.


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