Star Plus’s Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is a popular show in all aspect – The shows TRP is high even online and overseas. However, the fans are not really liking the story and a fan has written an open letter to Star Plus – Telling how bad Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has became these days with all illogial objects and maving away from the main story.

She wrote:

“An open letter to Star Plus CEO , Balaji Telefilms and the creative writer Mr. Sandeep Sickand regarding the erstwhile unique serial Yeh Hai mohabatain. It is after spending a lot of thoughts and going through the comments of fans on different pages and on Twitter that I decided to write this letter to you. As an entertainment channel, Starplus has the ultimate responsibility to telecast meaningful serials in your channel. As your tag line is Nayi Soch, it becomes imperitive on your part to ensure that the serials provide wholesome entertainment to viewers. Nayi soch in my vocabulary means new ideas, different in content and treatment as also acting wise. But, the serials have proved time and again that only your tag line is Nayi soch, but the content and treatment of your serials are regressive. A classic example is the above mentioned serial Yeh hai mohabatain. This was the journey of an infertile woman looking to share her love with a child, and the longing of a child for a mother’ love. Their mutual love and bonding brought the father of the child into the picture, and then it became a journey of discovery of love and respect between these three. As far as the story goes it was different in that it tried to bring in cross cultural relations to the fore, and as a Tamil Brahmin, I was impressed with the way it was handled delicately, unlike the other Hindi serials and movies, where a Tamilian is portrayed with a preconceived misconception.

So far so good. The writers were sticking to a simple story line of the journey of the three and the custody battle, and the longing of the father to get the custody of his son also. The serial went into overdrive with the introduction of the Surrogacy track. I understand that there is something called creative freedom. That is so long as you stick to feuds between two friends, families, relations. But, when it comes to science it is essential that facts are factored into the story line. Here your Nayi Soch went for a toss. Would you call an ex wife becoming a surrogate mother a Nayi soch. Is it Nayi soch to show the husband getting the signature of his wife through ruse? A beautiful experience to be shared between the husband and wife was made into a mockery the the creative writer– Sr. Sandeep Sickand. Medical research was reduced to mockery because the writers showed surrogacy as something that one can indulge in at will. If the writers were not aware of the procedure involved in behoves upon them to find the truth, instead of pushing a concept that is very very sensitive. Prior to this we could find many more events that were inane, but the fans also understood the writers need to take liberty. But, this was a very glaring mistake, and you people never tried to stop it. So, where is Nayi Soch in this?

I was agast at the insensitivity shown by the writers during the ghost track. It was ghastly. First of all, they showed the Indian Air Port Authority in very poor light by showing Shagun leaping from the Indira Gandhi IN airport. Are you trying to show that the security is so lax that terrorists have easy access through these airports. Is this your Nayi Soch? Shagun’s leap from the terrace on to a trampoline. Did the writers ever consider what happens when somebody jumps on a trampoline. If they are not aware of it, please arrange to give a demonstration so that in future atleast such insanity will not be shown. Again, making a son do the funeral rites of his mother. Where is Nayi soch in this? If the writers are insensitive, atleast should you not have shown some sensitivity here?

Coming to the post leap— how did Mani and Ishita reach Australia? How did Nidhi and Ruhi reach Australia? The writers may think that these are not important, probably because they have no clue about Geography. But should not the Nayi Soch channel thought of all these things. IS it your NAyi Soch that by allowing unbridled freedom to these writers you want to make India a laughing stock internationally?

The writers have failed to clarify the character Raman post leap. They have succeeded in showing him an inhuman person. Is it Nayi soch that it is the woman who has to suffer all the time? Why should the writers portray Ishita as a Jagatmatha all the time and Raman as being inhuman? IS this Nayi soch? Today it is very essential to address gender equality so that the thousands of youngsters watching this serial will understand it better. Nayi soch here is rooted in regressive ideas. The fans are clamouring for scenes where Raman repents for his harsh words that he used against Ishita pre and post leap. If that is shown you show that a woman has to be respected. But, the writers have brushed the whole thing under the carpet.

The latest goof up is with regard to the acid attack. You can call it acid attack or chemical attack– chemical conjures up terrible pictures of the pain and sufferings of victims– Bhopal, Iran, to name a few. The writers have exhibited total lack of sensitivity is dealing with this sensitive issue. Acid victims are in untold pain, they are in trauma and the fear of disfigurement haunts them. the process of recuperation and rehabilitation is long and painful. The attacker here definitely throws the “Chemical” on aliya’s face. But, instead of showing guts to show the aforementioned after effects, the writers conveniently showed Aliya getting injured in her hand and is walking frr in just 2 days. So, the Nayi Soch channel just said no acid but chemical is ok. You did not question them as to why this had to be brought in and that too in such a sketchy manner, that is an insult to thousands of burn victims who are combating terror and fear and fighting a long battle to near normalcy. Your creative writers are good at introducing all social issues without any closure.

The last point that I want to make here is, is it Nayi Soch to show women as Devis all the time. This is the oldest soch. Because women are shown putting up with all insults, problems, trials and tribulations silently, your channel is sending out a wrong message to youths of today. The boys will expect the women in their lives to be like those they see in the serials, and the girls will think that they have to put up with all inequities as it is their duty to do so. Is this what you term as Nayi Soch? This is the age of equality. None of your serials, for that matter no Hindi serial reflects this concept. Looks like through your channel you want to reenforce the idea that women have to be subservient and put up with all nonsense.

Please sit with the writers and rework the story so that there is more positivity. Right now it reeks of negativity. So much negativity is unhealthy. I have no words to describe these writers. Where did they get the license to write such crap?

So, the channel heads have to decide whether they really believe in Nayi Soch or it is a way to push in regressive ideas and make a mockery of the emancipation and empowerment of women.

A serial does not mean the woman has to take centre stage all the time. There should be gender equality, which should be reflected in your serials. The male protoganist is used here as a side character, I refer to Karan Patel here. He is unquestionably one of the finest actors in Tellywood. The writers have insulted his talents by making him look like a bystander by making Ishita the Devi. The requests of the fans is that these two together should confront and solve problems. Without Karan Patel the serial would have sunk like the Titanic a long time back. I am not belittling Divyanka Tripati,s acting prowess here.

In serials mid course corrections are possible unlike films. So, you can ask the writers to reform their ways of writing and reinstate the opinion that your channel does believe in Nayi Soch.

Indeed, the fans has a point. Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.