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Sony Entertainment Television’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi will witness a new drama soon in the upcoming episodes. As now Ayaan has started blackmailing Dev that he will reveal Sonakshi’s baby truth to everyone.

Dev has become Ayaan’s puppet. Dev will confront Sonakshi to make Ishwari agree for Riya and Ayaan’s marriage. Shocked, Sonakshi will strictly say no to Dev and this will make the frustrated Dev get furious on Sonakshi.

Dev will be seen misbehaving with Sonakshi for not listening to her husband. The drama will happen in front Dixit member leaving Sonakshi shocked. Dev will even push Sonakshi and she will fall on the ground! This lead towards a new drama where Ishwari will throw Dev out of Ishwari Niwas! Even Though Dev got scolding from Ishwari, he will be happy to see Sonakshi and Ishwari’s bonding.