Sony Entertainment Television’s Beyhadh is gearing up for a romantic sequence in Mauritius. The show will witness the most awaited moment when Arjun will accept Maya’s love and propose her in Beyhadh.

Arjun and Maya’s hot and sizzling romance will be seen in Mauritius shoot. Arjun will finally accept Maya and propose her in his unique style making Maya happy and shattering Saanjh’s dreams.¬†Another twist in Beyhadh would be that Arjun will be missing and Maya’s love will finally find him out.

Later, the viewers will witness the “Titanic pose” of the couple on the¬†speedboat, it would be a plan of Arjun to shower his love on Maya. On other hand, Saanjh who is following Arjun and Maya in Mauritius will breakdown and she would be in a heartbroken state.