Sony Entertainment Television’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi will showcase some high voltage drama. The upcoming track of the daily soap will bring in interesting twists and turns in life of Dev and Sonakshi. Dev’s yes to Payal has disturbed Sonakshi completely as she is not ready to accept her feelings.

Later post breakup with Payal, Nisha’s entry in Dev and Sonakshi’s life will bring in more twists and turns. In fact Nisha will ask Dev and Sonakshi if they have planned to stay together leaving Sonakshi shocked. Later Sonakshi will be frustrated when Dev accepts Nisha too.

The frustrated Sonakshi will go to the Bose house and she will come across Bijoy who will ask her as if everything is going smoothly. Sonakshi who is already irritated will apparently burst out with anger on Bijoy.

Angry Sonakshi will clearly state that her and Dev’s relationship never worked out because Bijoy didn’t like Dev. Bijoy will be shocked while Sonakshi keeps shouting on Bijoy. Sonakshi’s feeling for Dev is slowly becoming visible on her face, will Sonakshi ever able to realise it?