Star Plus’ Ishqbaaz will continue to showcase a lot of new twists and turns in life of Shivaay and Anika. The couple is finally coming close to each other and also shared some intimate moments as well. Shivaay also expressed that he would like to consummate their marriage, however Anika was not ready for it.

Later we have seen how Shivaay kissed Anika and she was happy to see Shivaay’s love for her. However, her happiness did not last longer when Pinky reminded her about the Anika leaving the Oberoi Mansion in few days. Anika break downs as she is in dilemma that she could not leave Shivaay.

There’s been a rumour of Shivaya divorcing Anika. However, as per the latest reports Shivaay and Anika will not separate and there would be no divorce sequence. It is confirmed as of now.

Pinky will remind Anika about the deal of leaving the Oberoi Mansion or Pinkt will reveal the truth to Shivaay. Anika will later break down in tears as she don’t want to leave Shivaay at any cost.