Colors TV’s Shakti is reigning the TRP charts despite of its unconventional concept. As per the show’s current track Saumya is driven out of her in laws house in the absence of Harman and she is forced against her will to join the Kinnar house.

In the upcoming episodes it will be shown that since Saumya has been kept in the Kinnar house against her will she will reject food and water. Seeing this Guruma will make a plan to make Saumya eat her food. Guruma will send a small girl with plate of food to Saumya and that little girl will convince Saumya to eat her food. Apart from this Saumya will be seen taking care of a small baby girl which will bring some amount of happiness in her life. Furthermore when Harman will come to know about Saumya’s whereabouts, he will come to rescue Saumya from the clutches of Guruma. Will Harman be successful in his mission or will he lose Saumya forever guess we will have to just wait and watch.