Sony Entertainment Television’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi will be seen witnessing a lot of new twists and turns in the upcoming episodes in life of Dev and Sonakshi. The recent track of the show has been revolving around Dev, Sonakshi and Ishwari once again bringing in some more twists.

When Dev and Sonakshi met the missing family, Khatri again returned back to the house and he tried to incite them but Sona snubs him back and tells Malti and Kajal to use their brains. Ishwari is shocked and she keeps on dreaming about Dev cursing and blaming her for the theft.

Dev is quite disturbed and he starts crashing rear view mirror of a person’s car. Sona controls him while on other side Soha sees a bad dream and gets up wanting to talk to Dev. Ishwari calls up Dev and she is shocked to hear Sona’s voice.

In the coming episodes, Ishwari’s will panic and her blood pressure problems will end up giving her a heart stroke! Ishwari will get admitted to the hospital and Dev will be seen in a heartbroken condition. Would you like to know more? Stay tuned to TV Serial Updates!