Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya are currently part of Star Plus’ Nach Baliye 8 and Star Plus’ Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. They are seen doing romance wala dance in Nach Baliye’s 8th Season and the fans are loving their bonding and danc skills. A media portal got in touch with the actors and they shared some interesting facts.

Why Nach Baliye and not any other reality show?

Divyanka- Despite doing a daily series together, we didn’t get to spend much time with each other while working. Thankfully, Nach Baliye is giving us an opportunity to be ourselves on the show and spend more time with each other while learning a new art so that we grow together.

Vivek- First, I have never really had any stage dancing training. Second, we get to spend time together. Third, I have heard that there is a lot of pressure and stress on a show like Nach and so I think, it will be a good opportunity to connect at various levels and go through the highs and lows together.

Another reason we took up Nach is because I wanted to test my limits.  When I saw the show two years ago, I used to think to myself – that looks very difficult and I don’t think I would be able to pull it.  It’s the same reason I am doing it as I want to test myself on how far can I go. The real competition is not from the other participants, rather, it comes from within.

How comfortable are you both with shaking a leg?

Divyanka- We both haven’t danced together much so understanding each other’s rhythm, body timing and doing certain lifts is a challenge. It’s not a cake walk for us but yes we are working on it. Unfortunately, we get limited time for rehearsals as my schedule is tight because of YHM shoots. Also, due to a couple of injuries, we are slightly restricted. What keeps us going is the fun and togetherness.

Vivek- Honestly, both of us haven’t had much exposure to dancing so we will be growing as dancers and this show is like a workshop for us to learn as well as spend time with each other while doing so.

How do you plan on managing your respective shoot schedules along with the rehearsals?

Divyanka- We are managing our shoot schedules pretty well. We all know our jobs – the writers, creatives, everybody is pretty nice so we get our scripts in advance which helps us to shoot at a faster pace. The entire team has been very supportive. I inform my production at least 1 month in advance about my upcoming work so they are generally well aware of my schedule and they can plan accordingly.

Vivek- It’s easily possible and one just has to be able to balance. Since we have the whole week to put together an act, it gives us time to work on it. Also, Balaji has been very cooperative in helping us manage.

Last season of Nach Baliye had a different format altogether, where the couple’s off-screen chemistry and bonds were put to test constantly. Had the same format been there this season too, had you still opted for it?

Divyanka- The format is completely different from last years’ and it’s not about testing a couple’s compatibility. I personally feel why to test a couple? They are together because they are in love and must be compatible. Though, I think even if we were put under a test we would fare decently because we understand each other very well and we know how to sort out minor differences.

Vivek- I don’t think so as for us being locked up couldn’t be an option as Divyanka is shooting for Yeh Hai Mohabbatein as well. The pressure of being in a competition is enough to test a relationship as well as help it grow. I don’t think we need to add anything else to it.

Taking into consideration the popularity that you both enjoy, do you think that you have an advantage over the other contestants?

Divyanka- People love me because they have seen me acting for years and they like my work. If I do not perform they won’t like me so it’s quite straight. Now, #Divek is like relationship goals for some. But as a couple, we constantly work towards it. Every relation comes with a set of challenges and we have to work on it every day, bit by bit. I think our fans love us so much that we feel more responsible towards them.

Vivek- It’s a celebrity reality show so each couple has one or both celebrity faces. Hence, the competition is not about popularity but good dance and growth.

Tellybuzz wishes Divyanka and Vivek all the very best for their Nach Baliye journey.