Star Plus’ Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has been entertaining the viewers with highs and lows in life of Ishita and Raman. The drama will continue to happen in episodes to come on-air and we will see a major showdown between the two characters.

We have seen how because of Aaliya’s mistake, Raman has been arrested in drugs racket. He has no idea about how the packets of drug came inside the car of Mr. Bhalla, it has been revealed that Aaliya’s friend had put the packets and forgot to take them.

In the coming episodes of Star Plus” Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Raman will be seen fuming with anger after find Aaliya being a spoilt girl. Raman will take this matter very seriously and take some serious action. The angry young man will light a huge drama at the Bhalla house.

Raman will decide to scold Aaliya a lot but Ishita will come a walk between the two. Apparently, Ishita and Raman’s huge drama will later be seen when Ishita and Rmaan will end up getting into a huge fight because of Aaliya and Shagun will also decide to take revenge from Raman.