Sony Entertainment Television’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi will witness an unexpected twist that will left its viewers shocked completely. A new report from IBN 7 claims that Dev will slap Bijoy!

IBN 7: Bose family are at Dixit house and Dev and Sonakshi aren’t there. Mami Jee’s master plan will create a big problem. Radha Rani says Bijoy took money from Dev, a whooping Rs 5 Lakh.¬†Furthermore, Ishwari says Sourabh steal money from his Brother-in-law. Ishwari also accuses Sonakshi for blackmailing Dev.

Drama unfolds when Dev-Sonakshi enters Dixit house and Dev clears that he gave money to Suarabh, Dev wasn’t blackmailed. ¬†As Dev taken Bose family side, Ishwari is heartbroken. Ishwari’s insecurities¬†increases to a very big extent. Bijoy starts bashing Ishwari and taunts them badly. Dev shouts and turns and he SLAPS Bijoy!!! Bijoy is completely shocked and Sonakshi stands heartbroken! Bijoy leaves house holding his cheek. Mami Jee smirks and she is happy. This creates rift amid Dev and Sonakshi!!