Sony Entertainment’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi will witness Dev and Sonakshi marriage on 30th September and it will complete successfully. The show will witness some new twist after Sonakshi and Dev getting married.

IBN 7:-

IBN: Dev and Sonakshi are married now. The griha pravesh has now been done. Bose family sent gifts to Dixit house and it includes a big fish too as part of their rituals. Mami Jee and Ishwari are shocked to see the fish. Ishwari saying Kechu to throw the fish. Sonakshi handles the situation. Shaheer and Erica has given an interview too.


SBAS: The married of Dev and Sonakshi has completed but a new drama has started because of a fish found in Dixit house. Fish is part of Bengali rituals and it created a new drama thanks to Mami Jee for creating havoc.


SBS: A new villain makes a entry in Dev and Sonakshi life — That is a fish! Event management team sent the fish and Eleena-Saurabh explains that they did not sent it intentionally. Dadi Bua creates a drama along with Mami Jee. Ishwari wants to wash the whole house.