Sony Entertainments Television’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi will witness some Dev and Sonakshi romance and cute nok-jhok in the upcoming episodes. As the bhai doj celebration begins, Sonakshi leaves Dev and goes to Bose house for Bhaiya Doj.

IBN 7:- Sonakshi ne Dev ku kamrey se nikala

IBN 7: They are showing a scene from Dixit house where Bhai Doj celebration is going. Dev ad gifted presents to her sisters. Shaheer’s byte was there too. Ishwari also does the ritual with Mama Jee. Ishwari takes blessings from Mama Jee. Nikki and Riya are seemed to be chasing Vicky for gifts. Sonakshi is angry on Dev and she is at Bose house. Dev came to meet Sonakshi to Bose house. Sonakshi and Dev are in Sona’s room. Sonakshi gives pillow and bed sheet, she throws Dev out of her room! She closed the door of her room.

Interesting isn’t it?