Sony TV’s Beyhadh is witnessing some interesting twists and turns with lots of suspense. Vandana entered Maya’s house to get the details against Aayan. But Maya is a very cruel person and she plays mind games with Vandana.

She keeps trying to torture her mentally and Maya’s behavior is quite psychotic. She wants to inculcate fear Vandana’s mind, heart and soul. Vandana is trying to find out the truth behind Aayan’s case. But she is unable to as Maya keeps her cameras on everyone including her mother.

Meanwhile Saanjh gets to know about Maya and Samay’s relationship. Saanjh is shocked and now tries to be more careful. Even Samay keeps an eye on her and lets Maya know her moves. This time Saanjh gets a call from Vandana to enter Maya’s house and find out about the clue behind Aayan’s arrest. Saanjh decides to disguise herself as a delivery boy and enters the house.

On the other hand, Arjun tries to be lusty and a loving husband with her. It was decided by the channel that the content in the programme should not be beyond limits of the society. So an intimate scene between Arjun and Maya was scrapped off so as to be within the limits. So for all fans of Beyhadh, set to rock the floor with the suspense. Let’s wait and watch.