Earlier we had reported that Star plus’ popular show ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’ will witness a high voltage drama wherein Raman and Ishita will lose the custody of Pihu to Shagun. Shagun will produce Pihu’s birth certificate which has her name as Pihu’s real mother and the court will give the ruling in her favour leaving Raman and Ishita shell shocked.


In the upcoming episodes it will be shown that Ishita will be completely broken. Ishita will be seen crying inconsolably outside the court while Raman, Ruhi and Abhi will try to pacify her. Ishita will also accuse Mani of wrongfully supporting Shagun in Pihu’s case. However Mani will be torn between his best friend Ishita and his new wife Shagun. Well what will happen next? Will Raman-Ishita get Pihu back guess we will have to just wait and watch.