Star Plus’ Yeh Hai Mohabbaten will be seen witnessing a lot of interesting twists and turns in life of Ishita and Raman. The show never fails to entertain it’s loyal viewers and we will see more interesting dramas like this unfolding in the couple’s life.

We have seen how Raman and Aditya have started fighting with each other over every problem. Apparently, the rift between the duo has increased over time and Ishita is helpless as she is not able to maintain the peace between father and son.

In the coming episodes of Star Plus’ Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Raman will soon come to know about Aditya has cheated him and back-stabbed him. As we have seen earlier, Aditya was trying to snatch the promotional plans of Raman and now he will finally learn the real intentions of Aditya.

Post Raman learns the truth and finds Ashok involvement in these things. He will be very angry and this will lead towards the real crack between Aditya and Raman which could not be fixed by Ishita easily. Apparently, it would be not surprising if Aditya leaves the house.