Ishqbaaz 27th June 2017 Written Update

Ishqbaaz 27th June 2017 Written Update, Ishqbaaz 27th June 2017 Written Episode Update.

The Episode starts with Shivaay seen in a helpful nature and tries to help Ragini. Later Shivaay feels Anika is present here and he comes out of the car. Shivaay later finds Ragini listening to music and he checks her room. Later when Ragini tries to hide herself, she fails in her attempts and Shivaay catches her. However, Ragini acts smart and says that she is being scared as the media story on her and Shivaay’s affair has got Siddharth’s attention. Ragini does emotional drama to fool Shivaay but she feels happy as she managed to fool Shivaay and get his attention. In another scene, Anika comes to Ragini’s house in a rickshaw and she stands in front of Ragini’s house. Anika finds Ragini’s mother struggling as she has sprains in leg, she loses the balance but Anika saves her from falling. Anika takes Ragini’s mother inside the house.

Later Anika gets a shock when she learns that her job interview has been cancelled. However, Ragini’s mother offers Anika a job as she is grateful to Anika because Anika helped her. In another scene, Kamini falls on the ground in a unconscious state and Ranveer runs to rescue Kamini, he also turns off the gas. Kamini somehow manages to fool Ranveer and puts the blame of gas nob open on Priyanka’s head. This does not go well with Ranveer and he screams at Pryanka. She defends herself but Ranveer continues to humiliate  her by calling her careless. The reality is quite different as it has been revealed that it is Kamini who plotted the drama to make Ranveer shout at Priyanka.

Later when Pinky confronts Shivaay about Ragini, he gives her a royal ignore and does not answer to Pinky. When Shivaay moves to the room of Omkaran, he finds that Anika’s moon bracelet chain is stuck on his watch and he tries to remove it. He understands that Anika was present at Ragini’s house and gets angry, he throws the chain.

Shivaay gets emotional when he finds Omkara in a normal condition. Shivaay, Omkara and Rudra shares a hug after a long time. When Shivaay asks how and when this happened, Rudra reveals Gauri did it but Omkara stops Shivaay from thanking Gauri. Rudra reveals Gauri is pregnant. Shivaay is very happy and Chanda is too happy as Anika has got a job. While Anika is worried about her job. Shivaay and Anika gets emotional while looking at the moon.

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