Ishqbaaz 28th April 2017 Written Update. The episode starts with shivaay entering the orphanage whether he should go inside or not. Pinky follows Shivaay to the orphanage. Ultimately he goes inside and talks to the manager about this.The Orphanage Manager refuses to give details to Shivaay.Shivaay says that he is demanding the details as Anika is his wife and he has the right to know about her details. The Manager first refuses to give the details .Meanwhile Anika reaches the hospital and was asked to wait for Dr.goel .Then the manager of the orphanage agrees to give the details after Shivaay talks to someone in the phone.And it is later revealed that Shivaay has bought the Orphanage to get the information.

Shivaay reads Anika’s file and then comes to know that she was brought into the orphanage by the rich industrialist Mr.Bajaj.Shivaay and Pinky gets shocked. Shivaay gets happy,where pinky gets shocked and irked.But Shivaay starts wondering why a person like Mr. Bajaj kept Anika in the Orphanage and even thinks if Anika is an illegitimate daughter of Mr.Bajaj

Later Pinky coming back to her home starts thinking how to separate Anika from Shivaay’s life.While Shivaay returns home and then Pinky questions him about his tension.At first he says that he is fine,Pinky assures him by telling him that she is his mother and that he can share if anything’s bothering him. Shivaay hugs Pinky and thanks her for forcing him to know about the Anika’s past & for arranging the Kulgotra Puja that day and then informs her that Anika belongs to the rich family of Tarun Virendra Bajaj. Pinky remains in shock. Shivaay starts explaining her that Anika might be the granddaughter of Mr. Bajaj as Mr. Bajaj had lost his son who got killed in plane crash along with his wife. Shivaay says he is going to meet T.V Bajaj tomorrow so that he could clarify everything and asks not to say anything about this to Anika as Shivaay wants to reveal the truth to Anika himself. Pinky gets mad thinking how to send Anika out of the house .Later in the night,Shivaay goes to hus room where while looking at Anika he thinks that he will give this good news to Anika tomorrow but when he sits on the bed, Anika kicks Shivaay, Shivaay falls down and decides to take a video as a proof. Anika kicks Shivaay, Shivaay screams getting happy, Anika once again screams Chor Chor. Anika refuses to believe that she kicked Shivaay, Shivaay shows the video to Anika.

Anika says the video is fake. Anika tells Shivaay that he disturbed her sleep and she is hungry. Shivaay teases Anika of being hungry for Shivaay and calls her cheap. Anika tells Shivaay that he is cheap, Shivaay reveals that Rudra used to show him the movie that has this particular dialogue before the wedding. Anika calls both Shivaay and Rudra cheap. Anika walks off from the bed. In the morning, Shivaay meets Mr. Bajaj and asks Mr. Bajaj about his granddaughter and about she being in the orphanage. Mr. Bajaj reveals that his granddaughter is in London. Mr. Bajaj remembers leaving a small girl in the orphanage but doesn’t remember her details. Mr. Bajaj says he found the girl outside a temple (flashback is shown). Mr. Bajaj says there were two small girls, the elder one was 7 – 8 years old and sick. She fainted in front of Mr. Bajaj, then he reveals that he dropped both the girls in the Orphanage. Shivaay gets shocked and leaves. Pinky overhears Shivaay’s conversation with Pinky, Pinky thanks Mr. Bajaj. Pinky lies to Mr. Bajaj that the girl (Anika) works in Oberoi Mansion. Pinky feels happy that Anika is not related to Bajaj. At home, Shivaay sees Anika and remembers Mr. Bajaj’s words. Anika sees Shivaay and starts worrying about him, Shivaay pulls Anika into his arms and gets little emotional.

Pinky tells that they will do Kulgotra Puja tomorrow and asks him whether did he told her or not!! Then Anika asks what? Shivaay asks Anika to get inside. Pinky keeps saying him that they should tell her but Shivaay says that she is not the granddaughter of Mr. Bajaj.