Sony Entertainment Television’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi has become very interesting especially after the change of Ishwari’s attitude towards Sonakshi.

Sona takes Ishwari to the hospital by giving her a medicine. When she regains conscious she is happy to see her. Ishwari gives a big hug to Sonakshi thanking her alot as what she did for her was incredible. Even her own daughters could never do such a thing.

Ishwari keeps on praising her and she realises in her heart that Dev and Sonakshi’s relationship didn’t work well because of her. Golu and Soha also come to meet her and express their feeling of Dev and Sonakshi staying together in the same house. Ishwari is little shocked hearing all this.

Radha Rani instigates her against Sonakshi but Ishwari snubs her and says that it’s just a matter of difference of opinions otherwise Sona is not bad at heart. Ishwari comes back to her house and calls Sona. She invited the whole Bose family for dinner. Reluctantly​, Bijoy even accepts it. But Radha Rani has some other plans to irritate the Bose family. So what is she upto next in her evil plans? We will reveal it soon.