kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi

Sony TV’s most popular daily soap, Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi is going to witness new twist and turns in it’s upcoming episodes. As per the current track, Neha married with Ranveer happily and Dev-Sonakshi came more closer to each other.

In the coming episode, Ishwari will notice growing closeness between Dev-Sonakshi and she will think about Mami Jee’s words. Later, she will think to ask Dev about his relationship with Sonakshi. Let’s see whether Ishwari able to ask Dev or not or will Dev able to tell Ishwari before things goes in vain?


  1. I think the writer’s are unnecessarily complicating the plot. A son who adores & worships his mother will never be able to keep such a thing secret & a mother who trusts her son will obviously always be on his side no matter what, in the words of Ishwari herself. She also likes Sona a lot. Then why drag the plot by suddenly changing an adoring mother to a vamp. Its unrealistic & is one of the reasons why I am losing interest in this show now. I mean with Neha married, this is the perfect time for Dev to confess his love in front of his mother.

    • I totally agree… It’s high time… or it will simply become some cliché daily soap which has nothing new to offer…

  2. Agreed Pooja. I don’t find any reason as to why both of them are hiding this from everyone. And Sona is so close to her family especially her Baba…there is no good reason to hide her relationship with Dev

  3. Ya i agree……somehow dev must confess in front of mother…..he cant hide….such a big change in his life….n mother…must understand this phase of his life

  4. I have been saying this same from past 1 mth but I believe they wont have any story to take forward and that’s why they are doing so. Same reason was making me stop watching this serial but I end up in watching it every day……

  5. Yes I think Dev should tell about his relationship with sona to his mother… Because Ishwari trust on dev more than herself… Trust is very important…

  6. This is such a sweet story and best in all departments; acting, directing, dialogues, costumes, make up, camera and you name it. Everybody likes a happy ending and no one likes such an adorable mom, Ishwari becoming a villain. So its high time that Dev tells mom about Sona and Ishwari agrees.

  7. yes, i too agree. Dev should confesshis love to his mother. and mother is suppose to understand and respect the feelings of her son. He has done and doing so much for his family he has full right to choose his life partner and sona being such a girl who puts family before evrything should be easily welcomed to the family. there is no reason that ishwari should reject her. I t would be boring and routine story if it comes other way round.


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