Sony TV’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi has been witnessing lots of emotional drama and twists with the reunion of Devakshi emerging as one of the most awaited tracks on Indian Television.

In the coming episodes, Dev goes back and gives Ishwari the good news she has been waiting for. Both the families rejoice in their respective homes. Sonakshi loves to see the banner in her home with Mrs Dixit written on to it.

Ishwari comes to meet Bose family at Bose House to share her happiness of reunion of their kids. Asha and Bijoy greet Ishwari with respect and love forgetting the past. Ishwari tells them that she is very happy to see Sonakshi back in her life.

She also apologizes to both of them for her past behavior. She keeps a proposal of Sonakshi returning back to Dixits as soon as possible. She wants to take Sonakshi back even without thinking of remarriage. The Bose family also accepts her proposal and are ready to send Sonakshi. Remember readers, an interesting track coming ahead with lots of surprises. Let’s wait and watch!