kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi is gaining popularity with it’s amazing story and new twist-turns. Ishwari is now aware about Dev being in love with Sonakshi.

In the coming episode, Ishwari is not happy with Dev-Sonakshi relationship. She recalls Mami Jee words and she thinks Sonakshi loves Dev for money. Ishwari would also think that Sonakshi is trapping Dev and making him lie to his mother. Ishwari’s hate towards Sonakshi will continue to increase. It will be now seen how things will get sorted out and will Ishwari able to accept Dev-Sonakshi relationship from her heart? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


  1. Maa Jo b soch rahi h Sona k bare me wo Sab GKB ki wajahse,,jbki Maa khud janti h Sona waisi ldki hohi nhi sakti PR Kehte h n ,,Jo chij hame pasand Hoti h,,wo hmse dur jati dikhe to Kisi ki kahi galat bat b hum sunne manne lgte h..aur rahi bat paiso ki to Sona sirf dev se Pyar krti h..she only wants dev’s love n nothing else

  2. I think ishwari shud understand that love doesn’t means whole life he wil just stick to her .. I mean he has life of his own too.. If she can understand her daughters love y cant she hNdle his son’s love story..insecurity is the reason nothing else ..bt she shud understand that evry paerson has different place in life no one can take each others place mom wil be mom and wife wil be wife..both are equally important..so love never decreases it just change wid tym.. Thats all .. Ishwari shud accept sona fully as she is perfect for his son.. Nd loves him nt his money..

  3. its complete wrong portaying of a mothers love towards her son. ISWARIJI when knows her son well and sona being working their for such a long she should know abt sona too and why cant she understand that how much evera child is close to his mother certain things they cant disclose out of shy or fear, why cant a mother who understands her child take a step ahead and confront his child with love taking his insecurities away. and why on earth she eshud be angry with sona cant she communicate directly.being rude to sona is so unfair


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