Sony Entertainment Television’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi is witnessing some interesting and beautiful moments especially of Sona and Dev. Ishwari calls the Bose family on dinner on request of Dev.

Ishwari and everyone greets them but Radha Rani still taunts them especially Ronita but she snubs her back saying that she is very happy with Saurabh. They all settle down and mocktails start. Soha comes and expresses about the perfect family picture of staying together. Everyone is shocked. Ishwari thanks Sona along with Saurabh and Jatin even for their help to her. Radha Rani and Vicky’s sarcastic comments continue but they are been snubbed by Jatin. Bijoy asks Asha the reason for Ishwari’s changed behavior and he is shocked.

Radha Rani is not happy with this decision of Ishwari calling Bose family for dinner. She even tells Vicky that she will not let Sona enter Dixit house again and spoil her plans. So she decides to call the girl’s family which she chose for Dev. The girl named Aarti enters Dixit house and Bose family is shocked to see her.

Aarti has been trained by Radha Rani before hand so tries to be sweet and interfere in every matter. Ishwari gets irritated with this and tells Radha Rani that whatever Sona did even her own daughters couldn’t have taken such a step. She supports Sona saying that she is a very humble and capable girl and no one should doubt her. She scolds Radha Rani for calling the girl for remarriage of Dev and tells her not to invite any girl unless Ishwari tells her to do so. Radha Rani is shocked to see Ishwari’s avtaar and Bijoy very happy. Are you interested?