Sony TV’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi has gathered lots of appreciation owing to it’s simplicity and brilliant performances by Shaheer and Erica. The current track has been entertaining so far as Ishwari is trying hard to reunite Dev and Sonakshi. However, she believes none of her plans are working as expected.

We have seen that Dev has announced his engagement date with Nisha. Sonakshi is upset over this and she shouted at Bijoy. Asha even tried to make Sonakshi understand her feelinsg but she hides it.

Later Ishwari will come to the Bose house and request Sonakshi to come to the Dixit house. She will try to convince Sonakshi to come and stop the engagement, Ishwari will try to make Sonakshi understand that Dev still loves her.

Sonakshi will refuse to join Dev’s engagement and she will end up crying. However, later Sonakshi will come to the engagement and try to control her emotional. At Dixit house, Mami Jee will try to keep Sonakshi away from Dev. Do you think Dev and Nisha will get engaged?