Sony Entertainment Television’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi has been presenting loads of surprises in it’s storyline to make their viewers glued to the show. Ishwari’s slow and steady positive steps towards Sona has been a feather to the cap for the show.

The whole Bose family has come for dinner at Dixit’s. Ishwari has slowly started realising her mistakes and misunderstandings. She sees Dev and Sonakshi being happy with each, playing with Soha and understanding the difficulties they faced.

Ishwari thanks Sona for the danger she took for her not even thinking about her own self. Ishwari keeps on praising her valor and sensible nature. After dinner Ishwari and Sona share some moments over a cup of coffee. She praises, loves and even gives her blessings to stay always happy. She expresses about being indebted to her for the rest of her life. Now she can live freely with no guilt in her heart. Sona says that she has done everything selflessly just to protect Dev’s family. If it was the same situation for anyone else even she could have done it.

Ishwari is very happy and thinks of uniting Dev and Sonakshi again. So she makes a plan. She calls Sonakshi the next day after dinner for a chit chat in a restaurant. Sona meets Ishwari and she keeps a proposal in front of her. She please her to find a sanskari girl for Dev for remarriage without telling him​. Sona is shocked she tries to refrain from it but ultimately accepts it. Will Ishwari’s new plan of inculcating colors in her son’s life with Sonakshi be successful?