Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 11th July 2017 Written Update, Written Episode. In today’s episode, a shocked Chandni confronts Advay.

The episode starts with Shiv Pooja. Later Chandni is seen walking on the street happily with her two friends. Advay watches Chandni from behind while he is on call. Advay follows Chandni. Advay disappears. Chandni’s friend finds the poster of Advay holding Chandni hanging on the on the wall everywhere. Chandni gets shocked seeing the posters hanging everywhere. Everyone looks at the posted and Chandni panics. Everyone is discussing the Advay and Chandni’s poster. Chandni is crying while the peoples call Chandni a bad girl with an innocent face. Chandni cries and runs away.

Chandni stops as Advay comes on her way. Advay says that he told her, that was the beginning, many things are yet to happen. A flashback scene is shown where someone clicks the photo of Advay holding Chandni in his arms. Chandni runs away and Advay looks on.

Chandni’s friend tells Indrani about what happened with Chandni. She decides to meet Chandni but she couldn’t because of the pooja. Chandni is crying and she is running on the road. She recalls the previous incidents. Chandni sits below the tree and cries, she is heartbroken because of Advay’s plotting. Chandi cries and the incidents related to Advay bangs her head. She holds her head.

Chandni stops crying as she recalls her childhood days with Dev. Chandni wipes her tears and the Raaba Ve music plays in the background. Later Veers wants 1 Lakh Rs from his mother and blackmails his mother. Veer stabs himself and faints on the ground. His mother screams and panics.

Advay comes to attend the pooja and while Chandni is crying. The Pandit asks where is Chandni, the Maha Aarti Time will pass if she doesn’t come by now. Advay is happy as Chandni is not present here. However, Chandni comes and everyone is shocked to see her condition. Advay os surprise to see Chandni. Raaba Ve plays in the background. Chandni joins her hand and says that she is ready to do Maha Aarti. Indrani is happy to see Chandni.

Veer smiles and his mother understands that Veer is fine. Veer claims that he is Veer’s ghost. However, his mother gets angry as she learns the truth. Veer’s mother takes her sandal to beat Veer. Veer’s mother cries and he apologises to her.

The Maha Aarti starts. Chandni is doing aarti and Advay looks on. The aarti ends and Advay is going to leave the place but Chandni stops Advay. She walks towards Advay with Aarti plate on her hand. Chandni wants Advay to take blessings from the aarti plate and the Raaba Ve music plays. Advay tries to come close but he puts his hand above the flame. Advay’s hand could burn because of the flame and Chandni looks on. Chandni says your hand might burn but he says that the flame would not burn the hands, the fraud might do it. Advay leaves and he looks at Chandni, they both look at each other. Advay while walking smirks and Chandni looks on tensed.

Advay comes inside the house. He thows a man in and beats him. Advay claims that this man installe dthe posters to defame Chandi. Advoy exposes him. Indrarni slaps the man and thanks Advay. Advay apologises to Chandni as he woudln’t able to stop this. She loosk on.