Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 12th July 2017 Written Update, Written Episode. In today’s episode, Advay makes everyone believe that he is not behind the poster of Chandni.

The episode starts with Advay looking at the newspaper cuttings in his room remembering all the harsh moments of his childhood where his father and mother we’re brutally killed and his whole life was made miserable. His caretaker comes with his bland food. On the other hand Chandani’s sisters are applying medicine and discussing about the mishap which happened. Chandani says that she developed the courage to do Maha Aarti.

Meanwhile it is shown that Advay and Chandani have opposite tastes in life like Advay likes bland food and Chandani likes green chillies. His caretaker asks as to how will Advay get to know the truth and involvement of the other people in their house. Chandani’s mom comes in the kitchen and instructs that from there on rotis would be made of jowar and bajra. Shakun and Kajal are shocked but come to know that it’s on insistence of Chandani. They both start instigating her mother against Chandani but she trusts her daughter.

On the other hand, Chandani and her sisters are also discussing about boys and finally Advay Singh Raizada who is London return and a maths professor. Suddenly there’s lot of shouts coming from outside. Advay comes with a guy and a apologises to Chandani and his mother for all the drama and insult which happened before the Maha Aarti. He tells that the guy had clicked a photo of her falling on Advay and made hoardings.

Everyone tries to take out the truth from him but he tells that someone called and told him to do so. That’s all he knows. Indrayani Narayan Vashisht threatens indirectly Advay to stay away from her family as she is very particular about her fame as well as her daughters too. Advay leaves but shares a glance and winks at Chandani.

Meanwhile Advay’s brother named Mikku but he has been brought up by a Muslim family who named him Veer. His mother is very loving and takes too much care of him despite listening to all his father’s taunts and comments. Shakun, Kajal and Chandani’s mother are discussing that this incident might have been carried out by some blackmailer. Shilpa is overhearing all the conversation and calls up Advay to tell that his plan has been successful.

Advay directs her to do something. She puts a box aside and Kajal sees it. Shakun opens it and a yellow color note with red color written on it that if the Vashisht family wants things to go in a smooth way they should give 50lakh rupees. If they are ready to give, they should hang a cage on the terrace. All are tensed and Chandani’s mother decides to end the story and hangs a cage on the same. Advay sees and realises that now he will come to know about the black mailer as well as the people involved in the same.

PRECAP: Chandani is serving Puris and Advay comes trying to push her towards himself.