Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 14th July 2017 Written Update, Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 14th July 2017 Written Episode Update. In today’s episode, Indrani kills the blackmailer.

The episode starts with Advay recollecting the daan which he is giving and comes across a lady whose payal matches with the same woman who had planned black magic by putting a doll in the Tulsi plant. Advay rushes back to the same venue at Vashisht house. On the other hand, Indrayani, Shakun and Kajal recognize a lady named Asha who helped them destroying Advay’s mother.

They meet with her secretly and come to know that she is the blackmailer. She says that their secret has been hidden all these sixteen years. Now it’s their time to repay her. As per the deal it was fifty lakhs to be given to her. They get a box full of jewellery and on seeing them she becomes happy. She starts picking up and suddenly a snake comes which bites her on the forehead and she ultimately dies.

Indrayani is very happy to get through the blackmailer and removes the case. Her body is being pulled out and Advay reaches the venue. He sees the blood stains and feels that he again missed the blackmailer. Next morning all the girls get involved with the preparation of Chandani. Meghana and Chandani speak to panditji about the secret of the treasure inside. Everyone is excited to get the treasure.

Meanwhile Veer tries to play a prank with one of the guys and he gets scared. He tries to play again the same prank with Shikha but in return she beats his friend badly. Veer and Shikha share a tashan moment with each other. In between Advay and Chandani also face each other and Advay tells her that he will not let the Vashisht family open the treasure.

During the Aarti it starts raining heavily and everyone gets tensed that again the doors will not open and they will not get the treasure. Indrayani cries alot in front of Shiva and Chandani consoles her that everything would be fine. Advay changes the atmosphere to create artificial clouds and rain so that the doors do not get opened. He says that he will not let the treasure go in Vashisht’s family hands.

PRECAP: Chandani comes to find out about Advay’s reality and hides under the bed. Advay tells her to come out and he gets closer to her to say something.