Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 17th July 2017 Written Update,┬áIss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 17th July 2017 Written Episode Update. In today’s episode, Advay plans against Chandni.

The episode starts with Indrayani coming back with Chandani after feeling disheartened. All her daughters support her and pandits get tensed. But Chandani assures that her father will recite the hymns and the doors would open. Advay overhears the whole conversation and goes to meet her father. Chandani’s father asks about his identity and within a minute they become friendly. He is about to give him a glass full of milk but Chandani comes in between and stops him from drinking the milk.

She takes her father for Pooja and Indrayani is very happy to see him. When he takes the Pooja thaal and is about to start the shlokas he faints and everyone gets tensed. Advay is happy to see and says that he will not let the doors of treasure open. Chandani’s father is lying on the bed and all his daughters together with Indrayani are worried. Chandani’s mom apologize to Chandani and her other daughters for not getting the treasure. But Chandani consoles and says that her mother is the biggest treasure. All the sisters show their tashan and attitude.

Chandani decides to enter Advay’s room after he eats something by his caretaker. She tries to see and find out his real identity but she hears some one coming. She gets below the bed. But Advay is quite smart enough to find her below his bed through the mirror. He requests her to come out in a fashionable way. She comes out and hits her head. Advay scolds that she can’t even do a single thing properly and Chandani remembers her childhood friend Dev’s words. She comes out and asks about his identity but he plays with his words.

She even tries to threaten him by several instances like examples of Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan in an indirect way. Advay sits on the sofa and mocks at her. On the other hand Veer again tries for a prank but he ultimately lands up in seeing Shikha for entrapment. He tries to stop his prank ultimately Shikha thrashing his friend too. Chandani asks Advay’s name and he comes close to her pronouncing his name in her ears. She gets afraid and runs from there. During her run she sees a Maggi strip hanging from her hair and she gets irritated. Then she keeps her hand on the tea bag and it’s shown that she is a cleanliness freak person. Advay sees her and gets chuckled on her behaviour.

PRECAP: Chandni mistakenly throws a plate on Advay’s face. The blood bleeds from his head. Indrani shouts Chandni and she apologises to her mother. Indrani apologizes on Chandni’s behalf and says that she usually never commits a mistake. Indrani reveals that Advay is going to stay in this house, Chandni is shocked.