Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 18th July 2017 Written Update,¬†Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 18th July 2017 Written Episode Update. In today’s episode, Advay gets injured.

The episode starts with Indrani standing in tension. Kajol and Shagun says that they will get out of this house. Indrani asks if she had let any problem reach to them. Indrani says she has one more way left. Advay is readying his plan B. Indrani says she will win the game. Chandni is washing the plates and talking with her friends. Chandni says she will miss the kitchen the most if they get out of this house.

Chandni believes nothing will happen to their house. Chandni asks them to smile. Chandni asks them to finish the food as she needs to clean them. Chandni throws the plate and asks her friends to catch them. When Chandni looks back, she finds the plate had hit Advay’s head. Chandni apologizes to Indrani.

Indrani reveals that Advay has brought the house and he is going to stay here. Chandni is shocked. Advay feels hurt and Indrani once again apologises to Advay. He says your daughter¬†hurt me a lot and this will take the time to heal. Indrani asks Chandni to do first-aid but she refuses. Indrani asks Chandni to do the first-aid and she agrees. Chandni does Advay’s first-aid. Chandni leaves but Advay holds her hand and stops her. Advay is hurting Chandni and she panics. Advay leaves her hand and she runs away. Advay removes the bandage from his head.

Indrani reveals how Advay brought this house. Indrani says that Agrawal was going to throw them out of the house but Advay came and paid the money. Hence Indrani allowed Advay to stay here. Indrani says Advay is the owner of the house legally. They wonder why he bought the house. Advay comes with the papers and confirms that no one would leave the house. Advay gives the house papers to Indrani and confirms that nobody would able to throw them out of the house. Chandni asks why Advay is helping us for free, Advay says that everyone doesn’t have a market value.

Advay is all set to leave the house and assures them that he will be fine. Advay starts leaving and counts the number 1. 2 and Indrani stop Advay. She asks Advay to not leave the house as she could not see him getting thrown out of the house. Chandni worries. Chandn’s friend is upset as Advay is coming to stay here. Chandni asks them why they are fighting, they tell Chandni because of Advay. Chandni asks them to calm down.

PRECAP: Chandni asks what Advay wants. First, he came to her house and now he wants her room, he later says he is ready to leave her room, her house and the City. But he couldn’t leave her. He reveals why he bought the house, he wants to marry her.