Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 21st August 2017 Written Update, Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 21st August 2017 Written Episode Update.

The episode starts with Chandani telling PP and Shikha for a way out to reach to police through the window in the store room. She gives the keys and Shikha takes him along. Advay tries to secure everything by reconfirming with Murali. Indrani enters her room and sees Advay sitting and reading a diary. He orders her to follow the rituals and perform the duties of a good mother in law. Chandani comes in and Indrani tells her to get ready in front of Advay.

Indrani tells her to follow Advay’s ways and she will handle the rest. Meanwhile PP gets successful in coming out of the house to get the ACP. Chandani recollects all the moments and goes to attend the ritual of haldi. Everyone is staring and Advay is about to put haldi and Chandani throws it on his face. She says no one can touch her else the person destined for her. She goes away and cries seeing the stone remembering Dev her childhood friend. Advay enters and comes close to her saying that she has done her part and now it’s his turn. He uses his cheeks and goes close to her putting haldi. She keeps crying and doesn’t retaliate still.

PP brings ACP and the police tries to open the lock with Advay seeing from inside. Indrani and Chandani put sarcastic comments on him but he doesn’t react. Finally it opens and the ACP comes towards Advay and then hugs him saying that he is his best friend Aditya Shukla. Everyone is shocked and Advay in return gives sarcastic comments. He orders Chandani to get ready for mehndi. PP’s mom expresses her irritation towards Indrani and she says to cool herself.

Chandani is disheartened and says to Advay whatever the case maybe she will not marry him. On the other hand, Advay says that whether it’s love or hatred helplessness or willingness etc., she is only his. Indrani enters and orders Chandani to do as he says to get a grip of the situation.

PRECAP: We see the entry of Mika for a song sequence representing the mehndi ceremony of Advay and Chandani.


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